Freelance developer

Victor Norgren - LinkedIn profile - contact me at

Developer and visual programmer, passionate about working with animation, interactivity and technical implementation in various languages and platforms.

Experienced in leading the development of both small and large scale projects for brands such as Levi's, VISA, Standard Chartered Bank, H&M and adidas. Particularly interested in building highly interactive interfaces for web applications or experimental sites.

The technology stack I work with:

  • Web Platform
    • Front-end (expert)
      • HTML5/JS/CSS3
      • JavaScript / ECMAScript (ECMAScript 2015, Harmony, ES.Next, ES6)
      • Common libraries (react, backbone, express, angular, jquery, etc)
      • Socket-programming with WebSockets (custom libs,
      • Build tools (grunt, gulp, babel, traceur, browserify, etc)
      • WebGL (custom libs, three.js, etc)
      • Animation/interactivity (transitions, keyframe animation, canvas)
      • Many web-stack APIs (history, localStorage, canvas, etc)
      • Code QA (jshint, jslint, google closure compiler, etc)
      • Microsoft TypeScript
      • Google Dart
      • In-depth knowledge of many APIs
    • Back-end (advanced)
      • Node.js (express, nodemon,, mongodb, etc)
      • io.js
      • (C#)
      • PHP
      • Scala (basic)
      • Java (basic)
      • Python
      • Redis, MongoDB, MySQL, SQL Server
  • iOS (iPhone/iPad/etc)
    • Objective-C (advanced)
      • Cocoa Touch (UIKit, Core Animation, Data, Audio, Location, etc)
      • Core Data (versioning, managed objects, filtering)
      • Design patterns (protocol, delegate, notification, etc)
      • Libraries (TBXML, GA, SBJson, reachability, etc)
      • OpenGL ES 2
      • Multithreading
      • Knowledge of many APIs
    • Swift (basic)
    • C/C++ (basic)
    • Design patterns (MVC, DI, observer/mediator, prototype, singleton, composite, facade, etc)
  • Hardware integration
  • Cloud & distributed computing
    • AWS
      • unix (bash/tcsh/yum/management etc)
      • EC2, Route53, S3, CloudFront CDN, etc
      • nginx
      • apache
    • Rackspace


Global Infiniti YouTube Channel
Leap Motion drawing app
Leap Motion drawing app
Infiniti Eau Rouge
TBWA Agency site
ABSOLUT In An Absolut World
Coach Moments
one2free CSL Mobile site
Levi's campaign site
HM campaign site
Levi's campaign site
Wyeth illumama e-magazine
TBWA Socializer
Electrolux campaign site
Levi's iPhone app
ABSOLUT Masquerade
Method of Sweden
Standard Chartered Bank
TBWA Float the Boat of Hope
Standard Chartered Private Bank
Electrolux campaign site
IKEA SpaceMaker campaign site
PlayStation3 concept work
New World Hotels
Levi's campaign site

Open source projects

  • HashDog - Multi-process cryptography tool.
  • Thalmic Labs Myo JavaScript framework - This is the JavaScript framework for working with Thalmic Labs Myo.
  • Thalmic Labs Myo WebSockets daemon - Mac OS X desktop app which runs a multithreaded Websocket server and enables any client two-way streaming of Myo data, such as accelerometer, gestures and more.
  • Leap Motion AIR Native Extension - Native bindings and framework for Leap Motion. This enables high performance applications, with up to 210 FPS data from the Leap Motion Controller. Compatible with Windows and Mac, as well as mobile platforms. Also available in Microsoft TypeScript and Google Dart.
  • DANMapper - Open source desktop app for projection mapping of real-time content.
  • Satellite Tracker - Web-app for parsing Two Line Elements and plot satellites on a real-time map. State vector data from NASA.
  • FIX-5.0SP2 - Web-app for parsing Financial Information eXchange messages.

I develop a number of open sourced libraries and frameworks, for a variety of platforms. More GitHub repositories here.